Awakening The Skeena

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Awakening the Skeena

Nestled among a rugged knot of mountains in Northern British Columbia, lies a vast alpine basin that is the shared birthplace of three of Canadas richest wild salmon rivers, among them BCs second longest river, the Skeena. In the heart of this remarkable region, often referred to as the Serengeti of North America, a battle is underway to save this pristine wilderness from becoming an industrial landscape.

In an epic month-long journey, local resident Ali Howard sets out from the Sacred Headwaters where the Skeena River emerges as a trickle and continues down picturesque valleys, through treacherous whitewater canyons all the way to the temperate rainforest at the rivers mouth in the Pacific Ocean at Prince Rupert.

She is not alone in her fight. An enthusiastic coalition including the sons and daughters of loggers, ranchers and outfitters who settled these valleys has formed to advocate for a sustainable future. The river is remote and too often out of sight means out of mind. While the front lines in this fight may be far from the beaten path, its clear that the fate of the Skeena affects us all.