In 2007 we have two short-film projects in production;

WATERS – is a week-long dash through the foothills and our home rivers of Southern Alberta revisiting favourite runs and chasing memorable trout. From the renowned Bow River after the crowds have gone, to the little gems of the east slope, WATERS honors the bountiful landscapes of the west and pays tribute to the wild trout that thrive there.

PINKS – revels in the fact that the smallest of salmon arrive in the most prolific of numbers and readily take the fly. In odd-years their numbers swell and they surge up the rivers of Vancouver Island. From his home base in Campbell River and in the shadow of writer Haig-Brown’s legacy, Chris sweeps us along in this frenzy of fishing insanity.

We’re also continuing our development of two long-form stories with plans to continue shooting over the next several seasons.

RUSH – is a fly fishing odyssey to the Yukon. A century after the promise of gold and the race to the Klondike drove men mad; the call of angling adventure in the unspoiled north inspires insanity for a new breed.

CHROME – will transport audiences to some of the most remote destinations on the planet on a quest for silver ghosts as bright as new dimes, steelhead.

Check back for updates from the field on these and other expeditions.