Double Haul Productions is the film production company formed to create, promote and distribute the ultimate angling adventure content.

Filmmakers Dave Imbach and Andrew Eddy are fascinated with fly fishing – the passionate – occasionally eccentric – tribe of anglers who have fallen under its spell, and the wild places it leads them to.

Through the eyes of hardcore angler and adventurer Chris Seipio they explore just what makes this pursuit so captivating and ultimately rewarding. Call it a passion, or perhaps more accurately an addiction. Those who have surrendered to its call will go to extremes in search of fleeting moments of perfection.

A dynamic contemporary visual style, an original soundtrack, stunning locations and adrenaline-pumping action are fused into an entertainment experience that will satisfy the purists and at the same time engage those who have never picked up a fly rod before.

Chris Seipio

I’m careful not to reveal that I fish about two-hundred days a year. It’s ruined a few friendships along the way.

Being able to hit the river whenever the urge strikes, even if it’s just a few swings through one of my favorite pools, is the advantage of living in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

For me it’s a lifestyle, a way of life. Everything seems right in the world when I’m fishing. Our aim with Double Haul Productions is to share that feeling in a way nobody else has been able to. It’s an invitation to people to seek that kind of magic in their own lives – whatever they chose to pursue, and wherever their adventures take them.

Dave Imbach

My only fishing rule is to make no other plans for the day. I have missed planes, meetings and dates with my wife more times than are forgivable. I simply can’t be held responsible when presented with the choice of a day on river.

And each time I’m asked “what do you do out there all day? Don’t you get bored” and I try in vain to describe with words the sights, sensations and the pure experience of a day wandering from pool to pool.

The language I’ve come to use to share these moments, and at the same time expose others to the insights it affords, is film.

Andrew Eddy

My confession is that I have fishing on the brain. Speeding down the highway, the road crosses a creek and my reflex is to crank my head around to look for the rise.

Dave, Chris and I formed Double Haul Productions to create experiences for audiences that transport them to the wild places where fish thrive and inside the minds of otherwise normal people who stand waist-deep in ice-cold rivers with grins on their faces.

Consider it a celebration with others who have long-ago surrendered to our obsession, and at the same time enlightenment for the uninitiated.