Surfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking – all have been the launch pad for exciting cinematic odysseys. Think Warren Miller on water, or imaging Endless Summer where spey rods replace long boards, and you’ll begin to appreciate what Double Haul is setting out to do. All the ingredients exist for an exciting entertainment experience – compelling stories, genuine characters, a window on unspoiled natural wonders and outdoor adventure to some of the most remote destinations on the planet.

Reel Time (Long Version)

It helps to be willing to swim with the current when luck goes against you. Heavy rains washed out our trip for cutthroats, but since Chris had stepped away from the Kispiox to join up with us in Calgary we scrambled to put together a high-altitude heli-trip for Golden Trout. In the end, it was a trip that provided us with some of the most spectacular landscapes we came across.

Early cuts of Reel Time also revealed the natural charisma Chris possesses. It hinted at the desire people had to hear him share his passion for fishing in his own words. We took notice and shot a number of interview pieces with Chris on a particularly cold day on the Bow River in February.

Reel Time (Short Version)

Reel Time began innocently enough as a production shake-down. A chance to try out a few cameras, get an appreciation for what works and how to get at this story swirling around in our heads.

What became instantly apparent was that a day of fly fishing is never the same twice. The elements of those magical moments can’t be constructed or scripted – you can only put yourself in the right places, be open to their arrival and expect the unexpected.

Sweet Stones

What’s next? Producing Reel Time has crystallized for us the craving to do more of this and the conviction that people – anglers and others – are equally eager for a glimpse inside this world. The desire to bring to life in a long-form story the feeling we get every time we head down the trail to the water burns brightly. Where this takes us is the subject of many of our coffee-fueled morning drives to the clear waters of Vancouver Island.


We don’t always know exactly how we’ll use some of this but were convinced its pure gold nonetheless. Maybe because it’s a new angle or a shot we haven’t seen before. Perhaps we’ve captured an awesome cast in just the right light. Or, maybe it just makes us laugh. Enjoy these excerpts and chunks of raw footage – it may be the only time you ever see them.